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All the things you didn't need to know about the 1980 'Musical Fantasy Of All Time' but have to!
Olivia Newton-John 1948 - 2022

We are always looking for contributors and if you can send our way any press reviews or releases, photos and/or general information we will list you as a contributor to the society. Thanks!

Preservation/Research/"Tech" Guy
Don Fields

Contributors (thus far)
Terry Boothby * Brian * Heather Hoban
Tattoo Gal * Simonie Hodges * Lisa D Jenkins * Terry L 
Knepper * "MagicMan" * Mark L. * Todd Palmer * 
Kenneth Anderson * Todd Weiner * David Estrada * David Mas * Kira Lehtomaki

This site is NOT licensed by, nor affiliated with Xanadu's copyright owners (Universal Studios) and its victim's (the cast 
and crew). This site is a scholarly work of review and commentary only and no attempt is made or shall be inferred to 
infringe upon the copyrights or trademarks of Universal Studios. Any opinions, reporting and criticisms is only of that 
person and not of, nor should be confused with the studio, cast and crew. Therefore, if you are a copyright-happy lawyer, 
we suggest you turn back RIGHT NOW! It ain't worth it, punk!! 'Xanadu' (c) 1980 Universal City Studios, Inc. All other 
properties are copyrighted by their respective writers and owners.

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