The following is a list of birthdays (that we know of) of those who starred in and 
made XANADU. All dates provided by Wikipedia.

OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN (Kira) September 26, 1948

MICHAEL BECK (Sonny) February 4, 1949

GENE KELLY (Danny) August 23, 1912

JEFF LYNNE (Electric Light Orchestra) December 30, 1947

JOHN FARRAR (Songwriter & Producer of ONJ tracks) November 8, 1946

ROBERT GREENWALD (Director) August 28, 1945

LAWRENCE GORDON (Producer) March 25 1936

JOEL SILVER (Co-Producer) July 14, 1952

CLIFF RICHARD (Co-singer on Suddenly) October 14, 1940

KENNY ORTEGA (co-choreographer) April 18, 1950

SANDAHI BERGMAN (one of the muses) November 14, 1951

The following are the birthdays of those who starred and made the original 
production of XANADU ON BROADWAY. As before, all dates provided by 

KERRY BUTLER (Cio/Kira) June 18, 1971

CHEYENNE JACKSON (Sonny) July 12, 1975

TONY ROBERTS (Danny) October 22, 1939

JACKIE HOFFMAN (Calliope & Aphrodite) November 11, 1960

MARY TESTA (Melpomene &Medusa) June 4, 1955

ROBERT AHRENS (Producer) unknown


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