Xanadu Boutique


One of the few pieces of Xanadu merchandise that were made available to the public was a series of dresses based on Bobbie Mannix’s designs that would be sold at selected department stores like Macy’s, Nordstroms and I. Magnin. Some of these dresses were featured in a four page ad in Ladies Home Journal as you saw above.


A recent discovery (thanks again, Kira!) has found more adds showcasing these dresses.

The gentleman responsible for these special designs is Jack Mulqueen. Sadly there’s not much I can find in terms of deep biography material, but I did find enough to find out what he was known for. In an article in People Magazine in November 9 1982, the headline offers no doubt what his reputation was: “Knockoff King Jack Mulqueen Is Stealing Designers Blind, and There's No Stopping Him!”


According to The New York Times, Mr. Mulqueen was better known as “the Knockoff King of Seventh Avenue”, loosely basing his designs from his competitors; “He seems to copy collections before they are created.” as one has noted.

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