Cutting Room Floor

Like many motion pictures, there are a certain amount of script changes that will happen just before and/or during the principle photography.

Xanadu was no different.

Between the start and the end of the principle photography, (from September 1979 to February 1980), there were a total of 13 script changes of various degrees. The dates of two of these changes to follow were only two days apart! Among this shuffling, the script quality suffered beyond belief and a lot of important plot developments and scenes ended up missing and quickly forgotten.

Despite the amount of re-writes, there are VERY few, if any, continuity mistakes in the final filmed version. The only one worth noting deals with a waffle iron...

At the beginning of the film, we see several scenes of Sonny amidst several drawing projects. One of these, Sonny is sketching a unknown metallic art deco designed object that is resting on Sonny's drawing table. Well, it happens to be an old waffle iron. In one of the earlier re-writes, this little sucker would crop up again.

The first of the two we have for you is one of the scenes that was filmed, but left on the cutting room floor. It takes place after Sonny and Kira are "Thrown Out" of Simpson's recording studio, and the second is yet another rewrite!

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