Xanadu's 25th & 30th (Unofficial) Anniversary Screenings!

The following pages deals with a couple of screenings unofficially celebrating Xanadus anniversary at the Alex Theater in Glendale, CA in 2005 and 2010. Both shows were produced by Heather Hoban and hosted by Marc Edward Heuck.

I was fortunate enough to attend both shows and even though I had different experiences, I enjoyed both of them, though the first one was quite cathartic as after the show a camera crew from a public access show were there and I somehow was cornered (more like snuck up from behind) by them with an over-enthusiastic fan for a weird and slightly uncomfortable interview. I suspect they never used it as they didn't bother asking permission to air the footage....or too embarrassed.


Still, it was a blast to encounter other fans and the film’s celebrities


My thanks to Heather for putting these shows together and Marc doing a great job hosting them.

All photos were taken by me

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