As mentioned elsewhere in this site, the Pan Pacific Auditorium has a long-standing history not only with the city of Los Angeles but the Streamline Moderne/Art Deco movement of the 30’s & 40’s. The co-designer of this place, Wilton Beckett, would go on to design other LA landmarks for years to come, including the Cinemrama Theatre in Hollywood and the space age themed Theme Building’ at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Much has been documented about the buildings outer design, but not much for what was inside. The following rare photos were taken from the Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection. Go to their web site to see more.

Pan Pacific banner.jpg

We start off with the auditorium itself. While the interior may 
not have been as glamorous as it’s famous shell, the size spoke 
for itself. It was believed that the main room was 100,000 
square feet big.


Here’s a shot of the mall just outside of the Pan Pacific.


Here’s a rare shot of a café on the second level that over looked the 
main hall.

Pan Pacific Lounge (behind the Audi.)01.

Here’s another rare shot…from behind the Pan Pacific! What isn’t widely known is 
that there was a movie theatre and an ice skating rink behind this place. According to 
a 1984 LA Times article, this section was opened during the same time as the 
Auditorium and, while the Pan Pacific was closed in 1972, the theatre was closed in 
1984. This section was not designed of Mr. Beckett.

Also according to this article, the whole Pan Pacific property was purchased by the 
County of Los Angeles for 10.45 million dollars in 1979.

Pan Pacific July 1983 Los Angeles - Los

....and just for the hell of it (and I might get in trouble for this), here a 1984 picture of the Pan Pacific Theater. This was taken from the American Classic Images web site. Our apologies to them.

Prototype 1985.jpg

This piece and the one below was a sketch for the renovation plan for the Pan Pacific, circa 1985 with a proposal for a hotel, hi-tech theater and the 
American Cinematheque.

New Look 02.jpg
Fish Heads 01.jpg
Fish Heads 02.jpg

The above pictures were taken from the 1979 music video 'Fish Heads' by the musical group Barnes & Barnes and 
the way it looks, this was filmed before Xanadu. The song itself is a established classic on the comedy radio show 
Dr. Demento Show for decades. The video itself was actually shown on Saturday Night Live. Click HERE to see 
the video. Pan Pacific can be seen a the 20 second mark

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