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Xanadu Vs. Podcast Pt. 5

Kennith Anderson altered me to this podcast called Vintage Video Podcast and to one of their episodes that talks about Xanadu. As per usual, the movie is discussed and dissected. A good episode, BUT there are a few wrong turns here: 1) all the ELO songs in Xanadu wasn't originally made for the movie, 2) Olivia was offered a role in The Blues Brothers 3) and Danny joins his FAMILY construction company (NOT start one)....REALLY?!?!?!, WRONG!!!!! and REALLY!!?!?!

....though I will give them a credit for comparing the executive Sonny bugs on the identity of Kira on the Nine Sister album cover to Neapolitan Dynamite. Good Point! Plus there is a They Might Be Giants reference!

Anyways, belly aching, go check it out for yourself HERE!



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