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The Mystery Of The Missing Muse!

Updated: Jul 30

One of the many small mysteries that fans have pondered is over who replaced a Muse half-way through the production! We know who ended up with the role at the end, but who was THAT during the 'I'm Alive' number?! She disappeared without a trace nor explanation.

Well, Xanadu fan and investigator David Estrada did some serious digging and came up with the following answer. I'll let him explain:

"Debbie Fresh is the second muse to come alive as muse # 3, Erato. She received no billing. She is only in the "I'm Alive" number and then was replaced by another dancer.

She was replaced by Melinda Phelps. Phelps was already a dancer in "Xanadu". In the "Dancin'" number, there is a woman in a purple pants outfit. It is Melinda Phelps. She stepped in as a muse when Debbie Fresh left.

She is the one that danced in the finale.

She is front right here."

Mondo thanks to David for the amount of digging he did to solve this mystery. A job well done, David!!


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