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If there's one hotel that was on the top of my favorite hep, it has to be the old original MGM GRAND. Maybe it was the 1970's design, the mood lighting or maybe it was the MGM movie connection...or all the above, probably.
I collected as much as I could, even the ash trays they laid around the place. I was a bit disappointed with their stationary; too plane
I got so hung up with the Grand that I bought this patch because it had the logo. This was sewn along with my Aladdin patch. While others had the words like Kiss and Charlie Angles tattooed on their shirts, I had this.
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Here's a frame from a YouTube Video showing the MGM Grand being built.
If you're wondering why there's do many of these MGM ashtrays listed on eBay, it was because the resort made a ton of these and were spread through the property. I ought to know as I lifted a few of these in my early time. I've got as few logo items in the past (like the patch you see at the top of this page), these coasters were free....and I never got caught.